Paerata School - Perseverance. Achievement. Excellence.

Welcome to Paerata School Board of Trustees

Board Chair: Kuli Taumoefolau

Jim Wakelin
Vanessa White
Vanessa West
Stuart Brear

Principal: Luke Thompson
Staff Rep: Jennifer Roberts

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Charter Dashboard – Paerata School 2016

Strategic Plan


Paerata School’s vision is to support and prepare every child to be confident lifelong learners who will reach their full potential.


Our Values

The Paerata Learner will develop a sense of belonging that recognises diversity and shows:

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Who consider others through their kindness, friendliness and accepting differences.


Goal 1

All students attending Paerata School will make progress towards reaching the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths incorporating inclusive practices.


Goal 2

To use ICT as part of daily learning to create, collaborate, share and celebrate students work. Teachers to work collaboratively through using Google Apps for Education to improve team effectiveness.


Goal 3

To develop systems and implement programmes that will lead to improvements in student and staff well-being. By creating and sustaining a safe, positive and supportive school environment where growth, learning and success are celebrated.

Goal 4

Raised student achievement through strengthened relationships across the school community. Whānau are engaged in and informed about their children’s achievement and progress across the curriculum. They are active partners in their children’s learning.